I have helped hundreds of golfers reach a single digit handicap over the past 5 years and last year, I developed a very structured program to capture the essence of the skills
required to achieve a single digit handicap. It doesn't matter if you can hit 1 shot properly. It doesn't even matter if you know exactly what you did to hit that shot properly if you can't
repeat it over and over again. In golf, REPEATING is the goal. You can have all the technical information about how to achieve good contact, direction and distance, but it takes
something else to be able to do it again and again with consistency. The most common request I get is "I want to be more consistent" and I say "Consistency is easy as long as you
understand what makes a golf swing repeat and have the correct practice plan to achieve it." The basics of the program is to eliminate as many technical issues as possible,
develop impeccable short game skills and hit as close to 100% of fairways as possible. As soon as these technical issues are handled, the next step is to instill repeatability into
your swing motion. The final step is to develop your routines: green reading routine, putting routine,
chipping system, pre-shot routine, shot routine, recovery routine, game day
routine, etc.

In 2012, I accepted 5 students as a pilot to the program and there was a 100% success rate!

Please call or send an email to if you would like to begin or to schedule a consultation.

The Single Digit Program consists of:

- Twenty 60-minute packages - 2 sessions a week for 2 months
- Ten 30-minute packages - 2 sessions a week for 1 month
- Three 9-hole playing lessons - 1 lesson a week for 3 weeks
- Three
Full Swing Analysis 2 views - 1 analysis at the end of each month
- Initial Fitness Assessment with Dr. Henry Cardenas

- **Must be able to score in the 90's. If not, please take
package Level 1 and Level 2 before signing up for this package.**

The lessons will be a different format than a regular lesson. During a regular lesson, we address your immediate concern first (i.e. slice, bad contact, etc.) then work on developing
a more consistent, repeatable motion and positions. In a regular 5-package series, we cover everything from tee to green at your level. This series of lessons will follow the contents
of my book
"Single Digit Handicap in 13 Weeks" in detail. Each session will build on the next and we work on your specific deficiency before we move on. It is a combination of
instruction, demonstration, explanation and supervised practice in each session. It can be considered a master class filled with discussion and education.

Bonus! - During the course of the program, you will learn the 5 key principles to learning anything at an accelerated rate. This is the secret to achieving golf success in the shortest
time possible.

Each month of the program will begin with a swing analysis so that we can monitor your progress. This analysis will keep both of us accountable for your development.

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- $3700
"I have been playing golf for a few years, but have not had lessons in some time. I made the decision to
attend qualifying school for the LPGA, but I had only 4 months to get to a 4 handicap. Before I started with
Jay, I was at a 13 handicap. Since I've been taking lessons from Jay, I have won a golf tournament, made
1st team all conference, and qualified for
LPGA Qualifying School. I am currently still taking lessons from
Jay to help me prepare for the
Symetra Tour events starting in March, 2013. The best thing about Jay is
that he knows exactly what he is talking about and makes it easy for you to understand, no matter what your
background is. I would highly, highly recommend Jay."

Stephanie Ellingwood, Symetra Tour, Cactus Tour
Huntington Beach, CA 12/7/12
Graduate of the
"My name is Garrick Castro and I live
in Yorba Linda, CA. Before I met Jay,
I wasn't competing at all. Within 3
months I started competing on the
Golf Channel Amateur Tour and I
have had 7 wins
in 18 months." -
Garrick Castro, Yorba Linda, CA 2015