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What kind of golfer are you?


You: "Hey, where are you going?"
Ball: "Weeee!! This is fun! Oh, was I supposed to be in the middle of the fairway?"

The beginner golfer is someone who may score somewhere in the 90's and 100's. You have some
basics of the game but have not achieved complete control over your ball yet. If you're hoping and
guessing a lot, then you'll be following your ball around as opposed to making your ball doing what you
want it to do.

Your instructor is responsible for showing you:

- Grip, posture, setup, contact, direction, distance
- Swing fundamentals
- Chipping basics
- Putting basics

Recommended Package: Level 1


You: "You were doing great! What happened?"
Ball: "I don't know. Maybe it was the wind?"

So, now you're playing the game. Your ball does what you want it to do most of the time, but sometimes,
it just doesn't want to obey. You guys get along just fine until those unexpected errant shots. You score in
the 80's just hovering over the 70's. At this point, do you get help from a professional since you haven't
advanced much on your own? Maybe you're searching on youtube or reading golf magazines and trying
to get tips by watching the pros on TV like when you watch kung fu movies to pick up martial arts moves

Your instructor is responsible for showing you:

- Intermediate swing details - top swing details, impact details, follow through
- Practice routines, pre-shot routine, shot routine, recovery routine
- High quality contact details
- Ball flight laws, course management, rhythm of your foursome

Recommended Package: Level 2


You: "Good ball. Very good."
Ball: "We make such a great team."

At this level of golf, you have complete command over your contact, direction and distance and are
scoring in the 70's with bad rounds in the high 70's maybe low 80's. People watch you on the range and
ask if you're a pro! You know exactly what to do on the course except score in the low 70's consistently
and no specific plan of how to get to the 60's. You've taken lessons before but are looking for that edge
that you need to become an ELITE golfer.

Your instructor is responsible for showing you:

- Advanced swing details - connection, resistance, intro to golf biomechanics
- Shape your shots: direction and trajectory
- Putting aim points, lag distance drills, advanced green reading
- Ingrain finite characteristics of elite human performance

Recommended Package: Level 3


You: "Pin is 13 yards up hill slight left to right, we are 3 yards off the green. You need to land 8 yards from
here just like we practiced and you should be in the hole or tap-in distance from the hole."
Ball: "Roger that. Ready, ready, steady, send me..."

You and your ball are in complete sync. It does exactly what you want it to do with surgical precision. A
par is just not good enough. You know who Rhein Gibson is - Mr. 55, the current world record holder for
the lowest score ever shot in golf. You are a competitive amateur or already on tour. Your contact,
direction and distance are impeccable! You know your pre-shot routine, shot routine, recovery routine,
putting routine and tournament routine to a tee! No pun intended. You are telling your instructor what you
want from him/her. Your instructor is a trusted set of eyes and a sound board for monitoring and
improving your game to compete with the best. Congratulations! You are everything a golfer strives to

Your instructor is now also a coach and will continue to work with you to maintain and improve your golf
motions as well as contribute to your performance and understanding of:

- Advanced biomechanics
- Cybergenic exercises - active visualization for elite performance
- Isometric and plyometric positions, workouts and drills
- Internalize positions, rhythm and sequence
- Fine tune routines and prepare to win

Recommended Package: Contact us to set up an appointment to develop a custom program
Thanks for all your help with my golf swing. The
other day I played a difficult course and had my
best round yet!  
Through 12 consecutive
holes, I was 3 under par with 3 birdies and
an eagle!
 Your expertise and system have
really simplified my swing and helped it become
more repeatable. That is the key to better golf.  
I will continue to highly recommend you to
anyone who loves golf and wants to get better!

Thanks Jay!

Joey Ferro
Institutional Sales
Roth Capital Partners