Jay at CA Speedway on Yamaha R1
Jay, Juliana and JJ
My name is Jay Lim. I'm 40 years old and am a professional golf instructor at
Fullerton Golf Course. I am married to Juliana with a 6 year old son, Jay Julius, JJ
for short and 3 year old daughter, Joanna Louise Lim.!

I grew up right here in North Orange County and went to Sonora High School where I
was in the AP/IB track and graduated as a member of the National Honors Society
and a Scholar Athlete. I played the trumpet in band, played basketball and was a
high jumper on the track team. I won CIF in 1993 and set a few records including the
school record at 6'10.5". I continued my education at University of Redlands where I
also continued to play the trumpet in the wind ensemble, basketball and competed
in the high jump on a national level all 4 years.

In 1997, I started my career in business and sales which included a few years of
mortgage and real estate. I picked up a few sports after college, including Olympic
shooting sports and motorcycle racing. In 2003, I qualified for the 2004 Olympic
Trials in Archery. In 2005, I took up golf and within a year, I had a +2 handicap and
was scoring par and sub-par regularly.
See Jay's swing. By 2006, the real estate
market had crashed and I had to look for other kinds of work.

Fortunately, I knew how to play and teach golf to transition out of mortgage and real
estate. I began teaching full time in 2007 and developed
the system I have today. It
is the foundation of a book I wrote -
Single Digit Handicap in 13 Weeks. In 2008, I
passed the Playing Ability Test (PAT) for PGA Certification. I have since helped
more than 1000 golfers from children to elite athletes including Bruce Jenner,
Olympic Decathlon Gold Medalist and Doug Nordquist, 1984 Olympic High Jumper
to touring pros like Stephanie Ellingwood and Lalita Patipaksiri or the LPGA
Symetra Tour and
Michael Sugar, Former Nike Tour Member.

The unique talent that I bring to golf instruction is the ability to develop repeating
motions at a very accelerated rate. This ability allows me to learn and test different
variables in days and weeks in the time it would normally take months and years.
Being able to understand what my body does and how it does it allows me to
communicate that information to my clients without any trial and error. This means
you can reap the benefits of my trial and error and learn the minimum skills it takes
to accomplish a skill or movement in a much shorter amount of time.

In 2011, I had the opportunity of showcasing this special skill on national television
when I appeared on a reality show on the History Channel that was based on
marksmanship called
Top Shot - Season 2. I competed against trained military and
professional shooters and reached the finals having no formal training whatsoever. It
was a unique experience and a once in a life time opportunity.

Today I spend my free time with my family. I use my talent, knowledge and skills to
work on golf projects outside of teaching golf and developing golf instructors in
hopes to, one day, be able to spend time with my children when they need me the

Thank you very much for reading my story and I look forward to hearing about yours
and helping you reach your goals in golf.

See you soon!

What's in the bag?

- Driver #1: Titleist 910D3 7.5 degrees, UST Mamiya Pro Force 80 gram X-flex
Tour Spec 45" - 280 yards
- Driver #2: Alpha Plasma C830-2, 6 degree XX House of Forge Shaft 46" - 300+
- 3-wood: Rocketballz 14.5 Tour Stock Matrix Ozik 70 gram stiff - 240 yards
- Putter: Seemore, center shaft no offset
- Wedges: 60 degree 4 bounce Vokey SM 80 yards, 54 degree 8 bounce Vokey
SM4 105 yards
- Irones: Callaway X-Forged P-2, ProjectX 6.0 Pitching wedge 120 yards
- Shoes: Addidas Tour 360
- Range Finder: Bushnell 1600Pro
- Ball: Anything 4 piece or better
- Tee height out of the ground: 2.25"
- Ball placement: Pitching wedge center, Driver inside left heel
Jay - Olympic Archery
Jay Lim High Jump
Jay Lim Top Shot