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Welcome To The Academy

The Basics

The Jay Lim Golf Academy aims to be every golfer's quickest route to playing their best golf. We organize the game of golf into
manageable parts so we can teach, learn and monitor the development and progress of each of our students. If you want to play
golf the way you've always dreamed of playing, you've arrived at the right place. Whether you want to improve every aspect of
your game from technique to fitness, from mental game to injury prevention, leave it to our highly qualified
staff to help you
achieve your goals in golf.

The Philosophy

There are 5 key principles to learning anything at an accelerated rate:

1) Receive information
2) Comprehend information
3) Retain information
4) Practice information
5) Apply information

The first step to learning anything properly is to receive the correct information. If you practice the wrong information, you will be
really good at doing it the wrong way. Our methods are based on objective principles of science and not subjective opinions and
loose theory. Be assured that when you join our golf school, you will be learning time tested and tour proven methods without any
trial and error. Our instructors know exactly what to tell you at each stage of your development.

Unlike the quick "tips" you get on TV and magazines, here at our academy, each aspect of the game including, faults and
undesired tendencies, has a specific set of correctional procedures that are included in a bullet proof system that renders all
golf myths and jargon baseless. What does that mean to you? You will know exactly what you are doing right and how to
diagnose and resolve mis-hits.

The Details

Each one of your lessons will have a definite purpose and outline based on your predetermined goals set at your initial
evaluation. By understanding your individual needs, our staff will all contribute to your  golf development.

The following is an example of the things you will be learning:

- Full swing grip
- Full swing posture
- Full swing ball positions
- Full swing lies
- Full swing mechanics
- Rules and Etiquette
- High quality contact
- The three characteristics of repeating golf motion
- Chipping methods
- Advanced green reading techniques
- Course management
- Full swing pre-shot routine
- Full swing shot routine
- Fairway recovery routine
- Bunker play
- Full swing analysis
- Biomechanics
- Advanced biomechanics
- Ball flight characteristics
- Mental game
- Golf Fitness
- Golf injury prevention
- Golf peak performance through strength and felxibility

We will take a full inventory of your current skills and monitor your progress through all areas of your game. Whatever your skill
level and whatever your goals are, we will develop a program that will accomplish your needs.

We look forward to helping you reach your goals in golf.

See you soon!
Jay Lim, Director of Instruction:

- Program Development
- Full Swing Specialist
- Advanced Biomechanics
- Elite Performance Coaching
Kate Hughes, Former LPGA
Tour Player, Mental Coach:

- Player Development
- Mental Game Coach
- Collegiate Mentor
I broke 80 for he first time yesterday! After 3 lesson packages, I went from shooting in the high 90s/low 100s to now shooting in the 80s
regularly. Even when I hit a bad shot, I know exactly what I did and how I need to correct it, so I have more confidence approaching the next
shot. The short game system you taught me is simply amazing. I can get up and down regularly with less putts.

Thanks man! See you again soon." -
Simon Wong, 5/29/11
Dr. Henry Cardenas, D.C.,
Single Digit Handicap
Program Graduate:

- Golf Fitness Assessment
- Golf Swing Enhancement
- Golf Injury Prevention
Brenda Chhuor, Golf Instructor:

- Fundamentals of Golf
- Contact Specialist
- Junior Development Program
- Course Management
Raphael Malabanan, Golf

- Fundamentals of Golf
- Putting Specialist
- Collegiate Mentor
- Routine Specialist
Lalita Patipaksiri, Golf Instructor:

- Fundamentals of Golf
- Putting Specialist
- Collegiate Mentor
- Routine Specialist